"Setting The PACE For Future Success." 

Our Mission

Promoting Academics thru Creative Expression (P.A.C.E.) program has been successfully using live music performances in school presentations 
to capture the interest of students while delivering positive messages since 2006. 
The P.A.C.E. program has reached thousands
of students with presentations and shows in
the Greater Los Angeles area and San Diego County with the important message of Stay
in School and Find Positive Ways To Express Yourself. 
​ We have found great success with our format ​
of incorporating live music entertainment
with education that maintains the students’ attention during the presentation allowing us
to make an impact and leave an impression
that can last a lifetime.

About Us

Our mission is to support our youth 
​and encourage education.
We provide resources and services
that will engage our youth and help
​the transition ​into young adults while reinforcing ​the fundamentals of life. Our goal is to educate and expose 
our youth through creative expression.
​ "Education is the key to future success."